We can split the modding for CMS 2015 mainly into three types. They are text file changes, official supported game files, and asset file changes. These vary depending upon the level of complexity to work with them. A general review of each type is given below and a link will be provided (as we update it) for each type that will take you to a page with detailed information. At the end, you can see the list of tools that can come handy for modding.

1. Text file changes
2. Official supported
3. Save game files
4. Asset file changes
5. Modding Tools

Text file changes
Game developers create text files defining the individual parts of the game. This should be human readable, hence the use of text files. In Windows version, these files will be stored in the directory “\cms2015_Data\Datacars” inside the main game directory.

Text files available
cars.txt: This file controls the car list. Using this file, new cars can be added to the ‘Showroom’ option available in the main menu. But currently, we cannot add new cars due to game engine limitations.

engines.txt: This file is used to control the existing engines’ setup values. Do not have a provision to add new engines.

tires.txt: Existing tires’ setup values are controlled by this file but you cannot add new engines.

car_NAME.txt: Here NAME indicates the name of the car. An example for this is ‘car_BoltHellcat.txt’. The setup of each car – which engine, which engine swaps, the parts etc – is controlled by these files.

Official supported
Only one type of supported mod is available currently. But if you see in the code, you can see two more possible types.

public enum modType

mapModel: This is the one type that is currently available. This type is held in the ‘\Mods\Tracks’ directory of main game directory in Windows systems. This includes the custom created map for the driver to drive his car around. You can avail a basic guide on steam forums. However, MarinPL has done proper investigation before creating the guide.

carModel: This mod is currently unavailable and may allow us to add new cars in the future.

garagePosters: This mod also is currently unavailable and hopefully will facilitate the change of garage posters.

Save game files
Various files are available that can be used to save a players activities and what he has got. Blue Icarian Wings carried out some research but is seeking for more help.

Asset file changes
The majority of the game files that are created by Unity are saved as shared files in the ‘\cms2015_Data’ directory of main game directory (in windows version). These complex Serialized data files (created by Unity version 4) need separate software tools. However, these files are the ones that need to be worked with in any major mods.

Modding tools

Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 Mod Manager
This is a tool developed by Blue Icarian Wings. This tool can be used to modify the available text files, produce text file for map mods, to ease loading of map mods, and to edit the saved game data.